Dave Dowell’s Crash Course in Genealogy – Tuesday’s Tip

I’ve read a lot of genealogy books.  I’m not bragging or anything, but I work in a library, so it makes sense that I’m looking through/checking out/reading genealogy books all the time.  The results are mixed.

Are they all stunning works of research?  No.

A dry read?  Sometimes.  Ok.  Most of the time.

Useful?  Yes, most of them are useful.

Completely and utterly awesome?  Once in awhile.

Which is why I was really happy to read Crash Course in Genealogy by Dave Dowell.  I met him at a genealogy round table a few weeks ago, and he let me take a look at his book.

Awesome.  I wish I would have had a copy when I started doing research.  But I was able to read it and literally fall in love with genealogical records all over again, and that’s what made the book even better.

Originally intended as a basic genealogy training course for library staff, this book is a great introduction to genealogy subjects, resources, and research methodology. This book offers newbies a chance to begin their search without the daunting fear factor, but gives intermediate researchers a new way to look at their research. Dave’s breakdown of information into graphics, case studies, and additional resources is truly top-notch. His graphs and timelines really gave me a lot of insight into some of my own methodology.

Included in this book are clear reproductions of census forms, pedigree sheets, Haplogroup migrations, and an illustrated example of a Boolean search.

I could wax poetic, but his breakdown of the 1940 census was one of the best I’ve read.

Crash Course in Genealogy Chapter Index

Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Backward Thinking and Other Keys to Successful Genealogical Research
Chapter 3: Genealogy Speed Dial
Chapter 4: 20th-Century Research
Chapter 5: 19th-Century Research
Chapter 6: Colonial Research
Chapter 7: Researching People of Color
Chapter 8: Taking Research to Another Country
Chapter 9: Fieldtrips
Chapter 10: Incorporating DNA Research
Chapter 11: Keeping Up to Date
Chapter 12: Concluding Thoughts
Glossary of Genealogical Terms

This is a great book for your library, historical society, genealogy society or for a new genealogist!

You can check out a copy of Crash Course in Genealogy from your local library or order it online at Amazon.com.

Comment/Question of the Day:  What genealogy book do you run back to for inspiration or help?

Leave your interesting and creative responses in the comment box.

See you at the Library!


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