Cemetery Hijinks Do Not Include Stone Tipping – Funny Friday

We’re prepping for our Naperville Cemetery Tour on Wednesday, June 13, and I hope you’re ready to join us!

While preparing for our tour, symbolism scavenger hunt, and grave dousing have led me to think about several facets of cemetery research – AKA – Cemetery Hijinks.

I call it hijinks for several reasons:
a) It may involve some sort of covert exercise (gate jumping, wall scaling, or bribery to enter the grounds)
b) It requires balance and dexterity to avoid falling/walking into plant life, large monuments, or open holes
c) Swatting bugs is on par with heavy aerobic exercise
d) Unexplained things happen, and you may or may not have someone there to substantiate your claim

There are other interesting elements which coincide with typical cemetery hijinks.  One of these is reading and deciphering headstone epitaphs.  Many are proverbs or biblical verses, but occasionally there’s a real gem which pops out and takes you off guard.

Cemetery symbolism takes on a whole new dimension, when instead of finding peaceful doves, dutiful anchors, and clasped hands with the words ‘reunited’, you’ll find something like this:Yes, it’s a motorcycle.

I’ve also heard of Yoda, the 3 Stooges, an assortment of cars, and the Dallas Cowboys emblem standing vigil in cemeteries across the country.

Other useful links for your cemetery hijinks:

Cleaning Headstones – Dos and Dont’s from Hunting Kiwis
General Cemetery etiquette from Dancing in the Gardens of Those Gone Before
Six Seriously Spooky Cemetery Stories from Miss Cellania’s Files

All of this, of course, is a shameless plug for our field trip!

Before you grab five of your friends for this event, don’t forget we will be experimenting with Grave Dowsing, so please read this informative guide and watch this video with Mr. E.J. Adams.

Bring your own set of metal clothes hangers or dowsing rods if you wish.

Weather permitting, we will meet near the oldest section of Naperville Cemetery (The cemetery is located at 705 South Washington Street in Naperville) at 7pm. Signs will be out near the curb. Carpool if you can, and please be patient with parking!

If there is inclement weather, such as rain, thunder, lightning, or extreme wind as of 6 pm, our program will be cancelled.

This is the last Genealogy Club meeting of the season, so if I don’t see you at the field trip, I wish you good luck with your family history endeavors!

See you at the Library!


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The Fountaindale Public Library Genealogy Blog transmits research tips, notes, and other useful information for genealogy, family history, and local history researchers. This blog is maintained and authored by Adult and Teen Services Manager Debra M. Dudek, and contains publications and postings by Circulation Manager Theresa Hildebrand, Children's Services Assistant Cathy Gonsowski, and School Program Associate Laura Didier. The Fountaindale Public Library District offers numerous resources for the public, including books, materials, database access, a monthly genealogy club, and free programming. The Genealogy Club also offers volunteer research assistance by appointment. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the library at (630) 685-4176 or by e-mail at ddudek@fountaindale.org
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One Response to Cemetery Hijinks Do Not Include Stone Tipping – Funny Friday

  1. great post and that motorcycle is fabulous.

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